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Getting Started

Let's get started with SAYMON Hosts in less than 3 minutes with 3 simple steps below.

One - Download SAYMON Hosts mobile app#

Get started by downloading SAYMON Hosts mobile application from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

As soon as you open the app you will dive into the demo-world with a set of sample hosts:

List of demo hosts List of metrics Metric history

Two - Add a Host#

Add a new host using the ADD HOST button, enter a hostname or an IP-address, press the button one more time and wait for a moment for us to create a space for your hosts. As soon as all things are done you will be brought to your newly created host.

List of demo hosts List of metrics Metric history

Three - Save#

At the moment we are actually done - your host's availability is constantly checking by our services and you will be notified with a push-message as soon as we detect any problem.

This step is optional, but you may wish to press SAVE button if you like to:

  • get more checks;
  • sync them all over your devices;
  • switch from the temporary trial mode to the permanent user account;
  • get on track hardware performance and custom metrics.